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Rabadaba Rewards You To Be Original and Make New Friends!

Rabadaba Rewards You To Be Original and Make New Friends!

Rabadaba is social app that you can download on google playstore and in app store. You can also use it as a site from your PC. 

Probably You have been searching for great apps out there that compensate someone’s activity with rewards, well Rabadaba rewards you with Rabs which you can convert into dollars and have your payment on 15th every month straight into your Pay Pall account.

 Rabadaba Social App is a place you can free yourself as long as you stay original, so no stolen content because you risk your account to be banned permanently.  The main characteristic is pretty good speed when using the app and searching for new friends and interests you are into.

 You can create your personal hashtag and relating to it mine is simple Kathe and when you sign up the first thing you have to is to introduce yourself to the community as you can be rewarded with welcome rabs from the rabadaba’s admin. After signing up you can freely find me as to follow and I will gladly introduce you and give some great tip for the beginning, so just search for my username @Katherine.

 For very short time spent on Rabadaba I have gained,as you can see on the photo, great friends around the World, and amazing original photos that I am coming across every single day. Besides enjoyment and lovely friendship you get paid for your activity, for voting on posts and redabbing the post, meaning sharing on your page. In every moment you can reach out to support and they will answer any question you might have.

Update: Live Contest are held everyday on Rabadaba, so you win prizes in cash, as you earn money within your original posts. You can share your personal invitation link for others to join you, so you can earn more and there is no limit for your invites. Isn't it just great, So Get Started Today, We are waiting for you.
Live Contests on Rabadaba

Rabadaba Status Update:

Rabadaba stopped paying users in cash so your earned Rabs ( awards used on Rabadaba) can be exchanged for Gift Cards in Pet Stores.
Currently, live contests include only Pet photographs.
The platform has become more for Pet Lovers so If you are one of them, sure stay or join, it's still a fun.

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Let Your Joy Sparkle The World
Welcome to Rabadaba!Enjoy.
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