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How to Point Your Go Daddy Domain to Blogger!

If you want to point  your Go Daddy domain to your blogger, see how to do it, simple and easy, following these steps.

1. Sign in to your Blogger

Go to Settings> Basics
Set up third party domain > Enter your Domain with www. else it won't work.

You will get an error message with two C-Name servers. First one is standard, host www and points to ghs.google.com , the second one is for your blog.

2. Sign in to your Go Daddy account

Choose My Products>My Domain, Select Manage
(In order to continue your set up successfully you must set up your Nameservers to Default.)
Set up your Nameserves to Default.

3. Go to your Domains

Manage>Select down arrow button next to your Domain Name>Select Manage DNS

4. Go to DNS Zone Files

First you need to add A records for your Blog which are standard for all set up.
In pencil area enter and leave @ , only enter A-records, one by one, by this order:
 Add 1 Hour to all when adding A-Records.

5. In CNeame (Alias) enter the pencil area

Where is  host www only add points to ghs.google.com
For the second one you add from blogger you got in the error message.

Save changes after all steps you take, this is it, you are all done.

 Process may take from 24 hours to 48 hours to make the changes.

Go to your Blogger and click save your set up domain, if you get an error message again, just wait for some time more and try later.

When your domain is pointed you will be able to save with no error message and your domain blogger name is set and working.

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