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How to Trust Someone after you have been Hurt!

How many time have you been hurt in your life and wondered how can you trust someone again!? Probably many have let you down and that really hurt you. To trust someone again is long process but you need to start with yourself first.

In order to regain trust in someone else, you need to heal. Quite possibly, this other person hurt you dearly. You'll want to grow from this situation by turning lemons into lemonade, but to do so, you should take a little time for yourself.

 In the heat of the moment, your emotions can cloud your judgment. That means that it's hard to think straight, and you could end up saying things that aren't exactly helpful in fixing the situation. How you feel is very important, and it's a big part of regaining trust, but it's also not productive if you don't step away for a little bit.It's going to be hard not to think about what happened, but try to. At least for a little while.

 Do something so engaging that you become completely enthralled in the now go away to a cabin by the lake with your friends, go rock climbing and sweat a little, or have a great conversation with a total stranger. For the time being, forget what happened.

 Don't make yourself into a victim. 

You are a victim of the circumstances, but don't become the victim. Do you see the difference? The victim of circumstance understands that the betrayal of trust was one incident, while the victim feels like the entire relationship — all the good along with the bad, is now affected. The victim of circumstance wants to get over the incident; the victim wants to wallow in the pain that the other person caused them. Staying the victim sets up a big roadblock to regaining trust in someone.

Measure the severity of the betrayal. 
Was it mild, moderate or severe? The severity of the betrayal is often going to be a good sign of the degree of pain the other person put you through.
  Mild offenses include blurting a secret, telling 'white' lies (lies that are told to spare your feelings, as opposed to lies told to deceive you) and complimenting your romantic partner in a way that may have seemed flirtatious. These tend to be accidental and one-time incidents. Generally, if you express your concerns, they are met with an immediate and sincere apology and a promise to be more mindful of your feelings in the future. 
Moderate offenses include gossiping about you, regularly borrowing money but rarely repaying you and regular disrespect. These behaviors reflect a lack of consideration and selfishness. It can be difficult to confront someone who seems indifferent to your feelings, but sometimes people are just oblivious. These flawed behaviors can be sometimes be talked through and resolved. 
Severe betrayals include stealing a significant amount of money, infidelity, spreading malicious gossip or lies, and sabotaging you at work or in some other endeavor. These are calculated betrayals, the perpetrator is aware of the grief he or she will cause and does it anyway. In such cases, you may need to seek professional guidance to salvage the relationship, if indeed you decide to forgive.
 Try putting yourself in their shoes.
 You shouldn't make any decisions just because you pity someone, but showing empathy is an olive branch that will mean a lot to the other person.
 Recognize that we all make mistakes and think about the times you've received forgiveness. 
 No matter who made wounds in your heart, many people just hurt us with no intention, and saying Life isn's fair and why that should have happened to me wouldn't make you fell any better.
 If we would turn back time maybe we would avoid many hurts, but hey it is not our fault and we just need to be brave, handling all bad happening to us.
Be careful who do you choose for your friend, love partner, someone new, because the family we have, we can't change.

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