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Start Monetizing Your New Blog with These Ads Programs!

After all the great work you have done at the very beginning you can start to monetize your new blog with these ads program.


Infolinks is the most popular advertising platform which offers ad solutions for both publishers and advertisers.

Online bloggers and website owners monetize their websites with Infolinks while keeping the Look and feel of their sites undisturbed.

Publisher Requirements:

Traffic Minimum:  None. 
Publisher Language Requirement: There are no language requirements stated in the Publisher Service Agreement. 
Prohibited Publisher Content: Content that violates IP rights; pornography; hate-related content; violent content.

Publisher’s Share of Revenue: 70%.
Payment Methods Available: PayPal, wire, eCheck, Western Union, ACH, Payoneer.
Payment Terms: Net-45.Minimum Payout Threshold: $50.

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Another Recommended Ad Program to Monetize Your New Blog is Chitika.

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Traffic Minimum: None.

Publisher Language Requirement: Primarily English, though ads can be used on pages in other languages with prior written consent from Chitika.

Prohibited Publisher Content:
Chitika reserves the right to refuse service to any website. Though most legal websites are excepted, those with excessive profanity, illicit drugs, pornography, gambling, and hacking/cracking are not. Furthermore, use is restricted for sites that sell alcohol, counterfeit/stolen items, prescription drugs, tobacco, body parts/fluids, hazardous substances, weaponry, explosives, ammunition, and fireworks. Websites that contain offensive propaganda or promote hate, violence, and racial intolerance are also banned. Finally, websites that contain manipulative content or construction to improve search engine rankings are also not allowed.

You will find Chitika ads on some major blogs also,conclusion is that provides publisher's satisfaction.

Chitika is easy to use, customized color scheme and ad placement, low minimum payment( 10$ on your account), excellent customer support.

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Note:You can Read Disclosure Policy at the bottom of the Blog
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If you have found other great ads programs for the new bloggers feel free to comment.

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