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Why Do People Always Fail in Small Things!?

Why Do People Always Fail in Small Things

Have you ever asked yourself why someone rejected you without even saying a word, or showing some significant attitude change except distance? Well why do people always fail in small things considering friendships, relationships or new meet-ups check on these examples.

Being open to someone is great but remember how many people you actually have in your life you can be frank with.

Open conversation can lead to beautiful topics, but how much should they be open, and are we allowed to put all cards on the table!? Heck, No, just don't do it. Your opinion on this and that can truly hurt someone's feeling, so deep that could take months for recovery and most of the times, never.

 I remember once, I've said I prefered fruit cakes to chocolate , oh dear, it made a lousy noise of personal taste from of another.

Big deal, some would say, but from little , at first glance meaningless things, all starts, and simply people fail to maintain many kinds of relations to others.
Compromise has nothing to do with it, it is just a need of developing stronger sense of what you should hold or let go in the air.

Being too pushy to ones you already know they are loyal can disconnect you from their world entirely.

We all know how hard is to gain someone's trust and stay loyal. Having a loyal person in your life is a real treasure and should be cherished every single day.

Somehow you forget about all this and become to pushy, nervous or exposing your bad mood towards someone being there all the time for you. Doing this you risk to lose that person For Ever. No excuses! No Resetting!

We all do not like someone poking a nose in our intimate life family, relationship, friends, no matter who.

Would you forgive the one talking about  in your intimate life without your permission? I suppose No. Why would you do the same to another? No reason, right! 

Seneca, one of the great thinkers would simply say:
How you would like to be treated, treat others the same way!

So far many fail in this, just can's keep their mouth silent or can't control mind not speaking aloud.

Most people love talking, but instead become a Good Listener! 

Interrupting someone in the middle of their life, important talk , is not just rude and offensive but also very selfish.

Showing no interests in one's speech will gain you permanent dislike with title"Never want to see you Again"

Become a Good Listener, follow one's talking, and when they are finished, do not sum it up, no one is expecting that from you, be polite, shift to another topic.

Most common thing people fail in, is talking on politics and religion!

Hey, you can't change the World , may be if you become a president one day, may be not even then, so avoid politics and religion major stuff with ones you want to hang around with.

We all should know that what is suitable for us, for another might be not, so relax and enjoy your gatherings to the fullest.

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