Tuesday, January 10, 2017

You Love to Post Photos or Simply You are Creative!?Express Yourself on Niume!


Niume is the creative network for those who loves to post photos or any other creative personal work. Community free platform is very easy to use, simply by creating your post, adding your content, description, in at least five sentances, and you are all set to publish. Great opportunity is given for those who are fond of writing, blogging, content curating, because you can add more pages and editing elements.

Once your post is published, you are about to discover Niume network, to reach your audience and finally monetize your first post. Here are the rules on how to begin on Niume:

1. Sign up with your E-mail address(This is important because you will be rewarded with first one dollar after your first post published)
Fill out the form with all details required.
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2. Complete your Profile by adding cover and profile photos, social following icons and short description about yourself.

3. Choose and subscribe to spheres( another name for categories on Niume) you are interested in.

4. Read all Rules and Guidance about Niume Posting, dos and donts.

5. Click on Create new post and start adding your content.

6. After you publish your first post, you will be notified by an e-mail of post approval and voila, you are all set.

7. Your one dollar reward will be added to your account, make sure to add your payment details as well.

8.On your page, under profile photo you will find in settings,refferal link for inviting other friends and family on Niume, there is no limit for the invites. Each time you will be rewarded with one dollar as well as the one you have invited, after first post published.

Engage, Make New Friends, Enjoy your Publishing, and Of course Be Happy with all Earnings you will be Making from post's views.

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