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Adam Levine Quotes(Quiz:How Deep Is Your Love?)

Adam Levine
Adam Levine is the lead vocalist for the pop rock band Maroon 5. Born and raised in Los Angeles, California, Levine began his musical career in 1994, when he co-founded the alternative rock band Kara's Flowers, of which he was the lead vocalist and guitarist.
Levine's interest in music started at the age of 10, when he first started playing the guitar. He found music as an outlet for his feelings, stating: "I picked up a guitar and that was it. I fell so madly in love with it, it's all I did".

                   Adam Levine Living in his own Little World

I don’t like feet. You know what I mean? But some people do. Some people have f***ing foot fetishes. And it’s weird to me. But I don’t have to deal with it, because I don’t have that. You know?

It’s fun if you look at it like a spy movie. ‘We’re trapped in here! How do we get out?
I’m so happy that I get to have this life. It’s funny because no one knows how good my life is as well as I do.

1. The point was to learn what it was we feared more: being misunderstood or being betrayed.

2.  If I'd thought she was uninterested, I never would have worried so much - the prospect of screwing something up is much more daunting than that of screwing nothing up. I definitely thought there was something there, and so there was something to lose, you see.

3.  Books are truer than movies.

4.  Why do we weep once we know that everything will be alright? We weep because the only way everything could ever be alright is in fiction. We weep because what we've seen can't be true, no matter how badly we wish it were. We weep at the truth.

5.  It is dangerous to exist in the world. To exist is to be threatened. We must live with threats.

6. The further south the throng went, the more reasons it discovered. Vendettas once sworn for half-forgotten offenses were remembered and invented with each passing blow. Everyone felt like a conduit of justice.

7.  You only taste your own dignity right before you puke it up.

8.  ..I might mention my belief that girls who like Woody Allen movies are nicer girls than girls who don't...

Without pain, there is no call for anger, much less rampaging

10. Easy as a child breathes a wish at a dandelion...is exactly how hard it would be for me to tear your limbs from their sockets.

11.  You fucked up,' he said. 'Know that you're someone who fucked up. But know that doesn't make you a fuckup. The difference is a matter of repetition.

12.  Go ahead and flunk me for begging the question, then go ahead and fuck yourself for asking it.

13.  All the word's indeed a page and we must loudly tear it.

14.  We can't just have everything without complications, you and I. There'd be no story without complications. With nothing to overcome, we'd die unstoried deaths.

15.  If you know your mom is a great killer, and you think of your mom as a great killer, and you know she would kill for you, not just metaphorically, but really end lives for you, without hesitation, you don't want to make her sad and worried because how can you repay her for all the things she's willing to do? You can't.

16.  ..it is good to do justice because God will kill you and your family whether you do justice or not.

17.  Nonetheless, he is a boy. Despite his talents, a boy. And a boy is more idealistic than a man, and high ideals in the hands of children can be as dangerous as weapons. He thought he was in the right, and because he thought he was in the right, he thought there would be an exception. That's that.

18.  Since bad timing could mean almost anything, it was a certain kind of truth. A low kind.

19.  ..and if you're reckless enough to back talk me, you're reckless enough to think you understand girls like June Watermark, and you don't understand her because she's crazy and crazy people-they're misunderstood. It's why they are called crazy. And you probably think you're in love with her-it's what Boystar told me you said in the Office, and that's a fine thing to say to a girl, but if you think you mean it, it's a different story. Because what's love without understanding Gurion? A fucken lie it is.

20.  ...I know there are a number of things you know, probably too many things you know--too many, I say, not because any kind of knowledge has the capacity to be bad in itself, but rather because certain kinds of knowledge, particularly those kinds we often describe as arcane, can, by way of their very arcanity, serve to obscure the knowledge-bearer's understanding of the mundane.

 The goodness of our intentions was in direct correlation to the heights from which we condescended to each other

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