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Adnow Native Advertising To Monetize Your Blogs and Websites!


AdNow is an advertising network that offers widget based native ads, to be used by publishers on their website. This premium Ad network has more than 1, 50,000 publishers as of now. 
Adnow accepts publishers who are otherwise turned down by Taboola, RevContent and Outbrain. I have found Adnow’s RPM rates almost comparable to Taboola. So if you’re looking to monetize your website through Native ads- Adnow can be a good option.


Brief Summury AdNow Company:
AdNow was started in the year 2014, by a team of digital marketing, Big Data and RTB passionate people to create an all new hybrid ad format. This format serves ads and other interesting things with the contents of websites so as to enhance user engagement.  Through AdNow it is possible to use both native ads and media banners in the same campaign, which would be of much use for agencies and clients engaged in the brand promotion activities.

 AdNow native ad network does not demand any specific traffic requirement from its publishers, but it is important to have quality content on the website so as to attract more traffic. AdNow reviews every website manually. To be a part of it, publishers need to fill in a small registration form and submit it for its approval. I had a talk with the publisher representative at AdNow, and being a new native ad network, they are accepting publishers unless the site generates fake traffic or clicks.
Facts about Adnow:

  • 4.2 billion impressions per month
  •  900 million users per month
  •  CPM varies from $0.1 to $2, depending on the country
  •  More than 150 thousand websites throughout the world
107 countries reach Adnow works with Brazil, Portugal, Mexico, Spain, Italy, France, Germany, the Czech Republic, Romania, Serbia, Croatia, Bulgaria, Poland, Greece, Turkey, India, Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia, Japan, China and other countries.

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Adnow accepts blogger. com and blogspot Blogs and perfectly combines with other native advertising ads. It is Legit native ad program, minimum treshold is 50$ and payouts are weekly on your Pay Pal, Payza account or through  wire transfer.
Monetize with Adnow

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Do you like native advertising over static banners, and what is your experience so far with native ads programs? 
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