Tuesday, March 14, 2017

An Amazing Photographer Brings Russian Fairytales to Life!

An Amazing Photographer Brings Russian Fairytales to Life!
An Amazing Photographer Margarita Kareva is from Russia. She started photographing five years ago but never thought it would one day be her career. She has loved reading ever since she was a child and credits it for her dreamer personality. She has been living in her fantasies ever since but it has helped her in her work. She creates "photos with unusual models, with animals, with a combination of quaint colors." Her work is noncommercial because she believes it's important to do something you like.
(Source: Excerpt from diply.com)
(Photo Credits: Instagram @karevamargo )

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These wonderful photos are brought to life by photo camera, and while observing them we can get that sense of feeling like reviving every single detail followed by deep emotions.

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