Wednesday, April 19, 2017

10 Vintage Celebrity Selfies before Smartphone Era!

Vintage Celebrity Selfies before Smartphone Era!
Have you ever wondered who took the first selfie?Why taking selfies are so popular today in social media?Well it was Robert Cornelius, an American pioneer in photography, produced a daguerreotype of himself in 1839, he recorded on the back "The first light Picture ever taken. 
The term "selfie" was discussed by photographer Jim Krause in 2005 and in the early 2000s, before Facebook became the dominant online social network, self-taken photographs were particularly common on MySpace.

When use of Facebook and Smartphones became more popular, selfies just were must-have and must-do, arousing great trend amongst youth and today even amongst elderly.

Vintage Celebrity Selfies Before Smartphones
Photos Source

Rowan Atkinson 1987

John Lennon,1967
Marilyn Monroe,1962
Linda,Paul,Mary McCartney,1969
Stevie Nicks,1970
Courtney Love and Curt Cobain 1992

Neil Armstrong,1969
George Harisson,1966
Richard Avedon and Sophia Loren,1960
Comparing these Vintage Celebrity Selfies to ones we see today, it seems like they were more natural, don't you think?😊 Especially Mr Bean's one 😊


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