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April Fool's Day!The Best Fake News!

April Fool's Day!Some Of The the Best Fake News!
Have you been fooling around Today?Here is the joy of the best fake news for April Fool's Day.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle married?

The Daily Mail's gone all-out with these "exclusive pictures" from Harry and Meghan's secret $300 wedding in Las Vegas. Although, had they really done this, we'd like to think Harry would have had the good sense to hire an Elvis impersonator to do the job properly:

                                           Coca-Cola Helium

All the taste of Coke, all the fun of inhaling a helium balloon and speaking with a squeaky voice.

"By carbonating Coca-Cola Classic with a small shot of helium," they say, "the drink alters vocal cords by allowing sound to travel faster, and makes them more responsive to high-frequency sounds. This creates the squeaky high-pitched effect on the drinker’s voice."
Coke spokeswoman (Cokeswoman?) Kate Miller said: “We’re delighted to be launching Coca-Cola Helium this year – it really inflates our range of drinks and lifts our fans spirits. Popularity of Coca-Cola continues to balloon and this new variant is set to be a flyaway success.”

                                          Google Gnome

It's like Google Home, Google's new AI speaker, only it's a Gnome and it lives in your garden. It's Google Gnome.

                                       Flight-sized lager
To be filed under 'April Fool's stories a large number of people will wish were true'.

Pleased to announce our brand new Flight Size 100ml Tennent’s cans are now available at all good Scottish airports. Ideally shaped and sized for your hand luggage. Quantity must fit inside one of those wee transparent bags, mind... Thank us later.”

St Pancras ditches John Betjeman statue, replaces it with John Legend

Earlier this week John Legend, the 10-time Grammy-winning recording artist, brought a bit of glamour to St Pancras in London when he sat down and played at the piano in the station, performing a brief impromptu set for a small crowd of passers-by.
To mark the occasion St Pancras International says it has commissioned a 1.75-metre-high bronze statue of Legen to replace the current bronze figure of poet Sir John Betjeman on the station’s Grand Terrace.

Royal Albert Hall to celebrate the greatest tweets ever written

OK, this one is pretty good. The Royal Albert Hall has *cough* announced an evening dubbed Tweets Live, at which celebrities will be recreating their greatest tweets.
"The evening will kick off with an emotional reading of the first ever Tweet, composed by Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey and performed by actor Toby Jones
"A whole host of other famous faces are already lined up to perform, including Richard GereRichard Herring and Richard Osman, while the Hall is particularly happy to welcome back Sir Michael Caine, who will be joined by a string quartet to perform his 2012 classic:

                                     Ejector bed

You need the new 4You Ejector Bed! Inspired by Wallace and Gromit’s classic invention, this new release from online lifestyle and furniture retailer Cuckooland features a spring loaded mattress mechanism that is linked to your alarm clock, and can be programmed to spring into action after 5, 15, or 30 seconds

                      A fake sea creature - verified by BBC presenter

Marine wildlife charity ORCA say: "BBC TV wildlife expert Michaela Strachan and marine wildlife charity ORCA have confirmed the existence of a sea creature sporadically spotted in the Newcastle area - the Northern Tusked Porpoise, long considered a myth since the sightings began in 2009.
"The pink-hued porpoise is the first of its kind to be captured on film and was spotted in the Port of Tyne in Newcastle by a passenger on a DFDS ferry.


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