Tuesday, April 4, 2017

EngageYa widgets for Content Discovery, Traffic Exchange and Native ads for any Website!


EngageYa widgets for Content Discovery, Traffic Exchange and Native ads  for  any Website!
According To Alexa global page rank, Engageya is on 1864 position. Comparing to other free content recommendation widgets Engageya is the best so far, covering all websites categories, available in multiple languages.

Open your account at EngageYa and choose to create your widget for blogger, wordpress or any other CMS platform using javascript code provided.

You can promote your facebook page by entering url at an end of the widget creation.

Various Options to use EngageYa are:

1. Creating widget to promote only your content from blog
2. Creating widget to promote your content and sponsored content as to earn money

Important to know is when you choose to install widget on you CMS platform blogger, Engageya widget will show under each blog post on your home page
and to change that, before installing edit the content tab and get the hole code, which you can place in your blogger theme under post.body element.

Otherwise only choose to get the code, when you create the widget and insert in your blogger theme under pos.body element.

Revenue share from sponsored EngageYa content is 50%, payments are made on Pay Pal account when you reach 150 $ minimum treshold.

However, EngageYa content widget recommendation is excellent for your websites because of  semantic analysis and behavioral intelligence algorithms that finds the most relevant stories for your audience to boost the power of your content to its maximum.

Also there is traffic exchange widget you can use to increase website visitors. Every time someone clicks on the widget you earn credits which can help to display your blog posts on other engageya widgets.

You can purchase credits: to show your posts across other engageya blogs if you are not  interested in earning credits by displaying other posts and sponsored contents alongside your blog posts.

You can add more websites to your Engageya just go to Create New Widget and under Select Website  click on + add new website.

If you only want to show related posts from your blog and sponsored links or you don't want to join the exchange or you only want to exchange with your friend's site/other sites you own/etc support  can customize unique solutions to fit your needs.

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