Friday, April 21, 2017

Wonder where to share your Ideas and Content?Join beBee ,Make some Honey Today!


beBee is a relatively new social network, that has gained so much popularity for a short period of time, lets say from december two years ago. Combining the idea of Facebook+LinkedIn community, beBee created easy to use platform where you can find content that really interests you. Bebee allows users from around the world to connect through affinity groups and communication from third degree connections which is the main difference from that of Facebook and LinkedIn.

beBee is designed to give users control over important features such as notifications, the type content they view, and how they interact with others of similar interests.Javier Camara Rica - Ceo beBee
beBee is a professional networking through personal interests and this is how it looks when you join in

Wonder where to share your Ideas and Content?Join beBee ,Make some Honey Today!
In Post Option you have three sections, to share a buzz, so you can upload photo, document, and external link source. You can choose to post it with your followers only or to choose up to three hives(groups) to expose your buzz to a wider audience.

Second option is to produce honey so you can write a story of your own. Space to write the sory is like blog edior where you can modify text and insert images so as to make internal links.

And third option is to post a job. You would be asked with wich profile you want to post a job.

On the home page you will see direct options so you can take actions you choose.

Hives are groups you can join by following, same as on google plus, though you can post in hives even if you are not following yet.
As you can see on the image there are great popular hives I have joined.

What really matters to us users is lovely organized and clean interface, and super easy to navigate through hives and network.Also you can get an app on google play and app store.
Wonder where to share your Ideas and Content?Join beBee ,Make some Honey Today!

So , now all you need to do is to join and see it for 😊yourself , My profile to follow or if you are already beBee member search for @kat-he
I will surely follow you back.

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