Sunday, May 14, 2017

Emma Watson's wise advice on "How Can I Be a Good Boyfriend"


Emma Watson's wise advice on "How Can I Be a Good Boyfriend"
Emma Watson can literally do anything with her awesomeness and her fans just got an opportunity to get some wise advice considering relationships. You can see in this video clip Derek holding a sign "Advice from Emma Watson 2$" in New York's Grand Central Terminal. People had a chance to ask Emma all kinds of questions via live video call on a tablet.
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As Emma started to get questions one man asked: "What I should Get my Girlfriend for Valentine's Day?"
Emma's answer was epic :" Go and buy her a jewellery and feed her cheese!"
 Emma through the video answered many questions on feminism, relationships, life, and friendship.

But the most adorable part was when two cute boys came to the booth and shyly asked that important question: "How Can I be a Good Boyfriend?"

Emma replied: "Even by asking the question, you're an amazing boyfriend"
 "Even just being kind in any way that you can. And Dancing!"You should dance with her!Boys that dance are so great!

We just wonder if there's anything that Emma cannot do 😍

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