Wednesday, May 17, 2017

#MerMay Now Rules the Internet and We Are Delighted!



Tom Bancroft, the legendary animator, has created a challenge for this month that literally rules the Internet. The challenge is called #MerMay  that invites you to draw and post a new mermaid everyday in May.

Photo Credit: Instagram Tom Bancroft JsKipper

Now you have a wonderful opportunity to participate in #MerMay challenge and show off your skill so as to renew and make great contribution. It is not a winning competition so all the fun is yours, thus as Tom says everyone wins when we all improve.

Here are the most beautiful drawings but with no doubt, they are all just amazing and we can't wait to see more of them at the end of the may.

#MerMay on Twitter

#MerMay on Instagram:

We are more than thrilled seeing this amazing illustration, do you feel the same?

Follow these awesome Folks, Enjoy and of course Join the Challenge. Happy #MerMay


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