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How to Repost on Instagram

How to Repost on Instagram
Instagram wakes us up in the morning and wants some love :). To fulfill all that love's needs here are the best apps to repost on instagram the right way.

  • Repost for Instagram (free for iOS and Android) — View your feed in this app, then tap on a picture you'd like to repost. The user's account and profile picture automatically appear as a bar on the image that can be rotated. Hit repost to open and share the photo in the native Instagram app.
  • Repost on Websta — Websta (formerly Webstagram) users can apply the same directions as the above Statigram reposting method and have the picture, marked with the original poster's name, emailed.
  • Repost on Iconosquare — If you use the web client Iconsquare (formerly Statigram) to view Instagram while on a browser, click on the picture you want to share, and find the repost button below the photo. Select that to preview an image of the to-be-shared pic with a reshare icon in the upper left corner (as seen above). Click "Send me by email," to receive an email from Statigram with the preview image attached. Save that to your phone's photo library and upload to Instagram as normal. Though the original photographer's name appears in the photo, don't forget to give them an extra shout-out in the caption.
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Buffer is another great app to repost on Instagram as on other social media. It's only that you have to add description and tag of the Instagram's post by your own.

Use Insta Repost for iOS or Android devices to share content from other Instagram users from your mobile device. 

Now that you've learned how to repost on Instagram, you can diversify your profile with content sourced from friends, family, and brands. Use the methods above, being sure to cite the source of the original post, to quickly and easily reshare your favorite content.

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