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Western Cape #ItCanWait Campaign Video goes Viral(Watch)

Western Cape #ItCanWait campaign video goes viral
Cape Town - Don't text and drive.
This warning has been repeated over and over again yet there are still way to many casualties as a result of people paying attention to their cellphones instead of their surroundings.
A new campaign advertisement provided a new take on the warning - and went viral worldwide as a result. 

The 40-second video was released by the Western Cape government as part of the #ItCanWait campaign. 
"We hope that the campaign will speak directly to motorists, urging them not to use their phones while driving. 
Research has shown that distracted driving can be as dangerous as driving under the influence of alcohol or intoxicating substances, with its disastrous effects being seen on our roads daily," said Minister of Transport and Public Works Donald Grant in a statement. 

It starts out as one of those epic fail videos. Those ones that show people tripping and walking into doors with circus music. 
The outtakes are hilarious and care-free. The music stops and the ad suddenly becomes deadly serious. 
We see a woman driving, not looking up from her phone. Her vehicle is hit and the ad does not hold back. In one week, the video has received over 800 000 views locally and received millions of views worldwide. 
Source iol.co.za
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