Saturday, July 22, 2017

You are Beautiful too!Instagram trend #CelluliteSaturday to Celebrate Your Body Every Week!


Your hips don't lie so just relax and show off your body using latest Instagram's Trend #CelluliteSaturday. This is what we really need, finally, all bodies, which are all beautiful have this realistic hashtag to be used for just loving yourself the way you are.

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These are some of the participants and yeah we are waiting for all to join and enjoy

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👙🥇This is my bikini body. It's worthy, it's beautiful, it's enough, it's amazing, it's magical, it's right, it's true, it's unapologetic, it's not ashamed, it's organic, it's imperfect, it's scarred, it's loved, it's changed, it's healed. · My bikini body is right now. It's not when I lose 10 pounds. It's not when I start a diet. It's not after I hit the gym for 30 days straight. It's not when I fit into the smallest size. · It's right now. · It's eating without guilt. It's resting for as long as I need. It's whatever size fits. It's not a number on a scale. It's acceptance--AS IS. · It's me. It's no one else. · It's never not beautiful. It's just right, right now. It's used and new at every moment. It's golden regardless. It's here to stay. · Insert yourself into the caption above & read it out loud. Notice how powerful you feel when you're finished. That's the power we're all working towards. I'm still working towards it everyday. · You'll reach it if you want to. · #selflovebootcamp Day 15: #cellulitesaturday · 💋 #nowrongway #tohave #a #bikinibody #period
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